LISTEN: Full Audio From Today’s Supreme Court Hearing On Same-Sex Marriage Case

Because we likely won’t know the results of Hollingsworth v. Perry until June, the best we can do until then is read the full transcript of this morning’s oral arguments and listen along to the full audio.

It’s like an audiobook for political geeks.

In a slightly unusual move, the high court has made full audio available from today’s hearing on California’s Prop 8 law prohibiting same-sex marriages. Some of the more newsworthy sound-bites have already made their way onto cable news.

For instance, Chief Justice John Roberts compared the state recognition of same-sex marriages to the act of forcing children to call another person their friend:

“If you tell a child that somebody has to be their friend, I suppose you can force the child to say, this is my friend, but it changes the definition of what it means to be a friend. And that’s it seems to me what the — what
supporters of Proposition 8 are saying here. All you’re interested in is the label and you insist on changing the definition of the label.

So if you want to know all the things said during today’s hearing, print out this puppy and crank up the volume on the below audio.


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