Local Hero Papers L.A. Zoo With Fake Animal Facts

Local hero Jeff Wysaski papered the Los Angeles Zoo with fake animal facts, including such revelations as “America’s first president, George Washington, was actually 9 koalas stacked on top of each other.”

“Flamingos are monogamous. Except for Phillip. That cheating bastard,” reads another. Check them out below:

The Daily Dot notes that this is not the first time Wysaski has pranked public places:

Wysaski’s hyperrealistic trolling has taken the form of bunk Halloween costumes, erroneous 2015 memories, and bogus Black Friday deals, among many other creations that have delighted the internet while horrifying consumers.

Other Wysaski gags include a fake sales flyer for selling dads, an officer trash can re-labeled for the disposal of hopes and dreams, and a doctor’s office pamphlet for helping patients cope with Donald Trump.

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