Local Reporter In Handcuffs After Trying to Cover a Public Meeting

A local TV news reporter was handcuffed after trying to attend and report on a meeting that was open to the public.

Chris Hayes, a reporter for Fox 2 KTVI in St. Louis, attempted to enter a public meeting on uninsured and unregistered police cars in the municipality of Kinloch, Missouri.

Hayes recalled his interaction with a police captain who blocked him and his camera from entering the meeting:

I told him, “I’ve never heard of a closed public meeting.”

The Captain said, “You won’t be coming in sir.” He motioned to other citizens behind me, “You two wanna come in? Come on.”

I said, “It’s a public meeting.”

The Captain answered, “No recordings. No video.”

The camera crew had already received permission to videotape the meeting from the precinct. Hayes was handcuffed, served a summons for disorderly conduct and failure to comply, and given a September court date.

The meeting was called as a response to a previous investigation by that news station that showed the department could not afford insurance for their police cars.

Video above, courtesy of Fox 2 KTVI.

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