Looks Like Trump’s Intern Made Another Ugly Twitter ‘Mistake’

Yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump’s official Twitter account tweeted out a photo of the candidate superimposed on the American flag that just happened to include an image of Nazi soldiers:


According to Trump’s campaign, the photo was “accidentally posted” by an intern apologized and quickly deleted it after the error became apparent.

But that wasn’t the only “questionable” tweet that went up on Trump’s account yesterday. And as of early Wednesday afternoon, this one is still live. It might take you a minute to notice what’s wrong with this retweet from a Trump supporter, who uses murdered San Francisco woman Kate Steinle’s as her profile pic, but once you do…

Will Trump’s campaign delete and apologize for this racially-tinged message as well? And more importantly, what are the qualifications for a job as Trump’s social media intern?

[Photo via Twitter]

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