Lots of People Intending to Tweet Lester Holt After Debate Mistakenly Tweeted Cubs Pitcher Jon Lester

On Tuesday, Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester signed on to Twitter — and found quite a few angry people in his feed. The reasons for the vitriol werent instantly obvious. Lester had pitched the Cubs to victory two days earlier and extended his record to a superb 19-4. So what was the problem?

Turns out people mistook Lester for NBC News anchor Lester Holt — who, of course, moderated the Presidential debate the night before.

So the Cubs pitcher actually responded to Holt’s critics one-by-one to let them know they had the wrong man.

It wasn’t all complaints. People who were complimentary also misdirected their sentiments.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on Lester Holt’s Twitter feed during Friday’s Cubs playoff opener when Jon Lester takes the hill.

[h/t Chicagoist, Chris Hayes]

[image via screengrab]

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