Lou Dobbs — who proved earlier Thursday that his love for President Donald Trump knows no bounds — spent much of his show absolutely lighting up Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT).

In one of several fiery screeds Thursday night, Dobbs railed against the Utah senator for his Washington Post op-ed in which he sharply criticized the president.

“We have Romney,” Dobbs said. “Who is basically saying to all of the great Americans in Utah, ‘Go to hell, please! You were a bunch of suckers! And I accepted the Trump endorsement. And now I’m telling Trump what I really think of him’ What an ignorant…his character?! He’s talking about character?! He’s a traitor, he is treasonous, and betrayed the people of Utah!”

Earlier in the show in another Romney rant, Dobbs said the senator “whines like a snake.”

“How dumb is this senator from Utah?” Dobbs said. He added, “What a betrayal.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.