Lou Dobbs Casually Offers Up That the Devil’s Presence is Abundantly Evident in Mexico

Screen-Shot-2016-02-15-at-7.55.49-PMAnother Monday on-air for Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, and a new day to casually suggest that Mexico is stricken with the evil of the devil. Nothing to see here people.

The description used by the host came in relation to the story that Pope Francis is making his first visit to the country south of our border this week, holding Catholic prayer services and greeting faithful in the town of Ecatepec Sunday. Dobbs made somewhat of an effort to hide his personal viewpoints of the Pope’s trip, emphasizing the squalor of the Mexican community that Pope Francis visited; he also very casually mentioned that the devil and his work are “in evidence, abundantly” in the part of the world where the Pontiff visited.

Dobbs mentioned:

The Pontiff yesterday held a huge outdoor mass in a crime-ridden Mexico city suburb, where the Pope urged residents to quote ‘shun the devil’. The devil is in, well, in evidence, abundantly, in that part of Mexico, but the Pope had no practical advice for the millions of people who are caught up in the drug cartel violence.

Watch the above video from Fox Business.
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