Luke Russert: ‘Very Easy’ for Media to Mock and ‘Come After People of Faith’

NBC News’ Luke Russert admitted on CBN’s The Brody File that it’s “very easy” for the media to deride religious people and value snark over substance. Russert, a practicing Catholic, believes that journalists are failing to view people who wear their religion on their sleeve as simple stereotypes.

Russert told David Brody it’s “absolutely accurate” that the media has a very noticeable wariness about religious people.

“The current world which we live in, especially with the American media, snark is valued, and it’s very easy to come after people of faith, no matter what their religion is––if they’re Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu––that you’re sort of tagged with this label of being puritanical and not understanding of others or different viewpoints.”

Russert added that this labeling is just “lazy” and “feeds the snickering masses.” He said it’s unfair for anyone to be stereotyped based on their religious faith, and that even when very religious candidates like Rick Santorum take questions from the press, they should be asked about things like poverty and education instead of the same old ones about contraception and gay marriage.

Watch the video below, via CBN:

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