Maddow on Ailes Alliance: ‘If There’s Anyone Who Doesn’t Care About’ Harassment, It’s Trump

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.07.40 PMToday, everyone has been talking about whether or not Roger Ailes and Donald Trump are in cahoots and are working on Trump’s debate strategy. Ailes advising Trump on his presidential campaign would be shocking because he was ousted from his position as CEO of Fox News in the wake of scandalous sexual harassment allegations.

Rachel Maddow did a deep dive tonight, highlighting their past relationship instead of just speculating on their current one. Ailes’ stint advising George Bush, Sr. was highlighted.

She called it odd and expected that the man behind the unprecedented success of Fox News would join up with Trump.

“It’s a little odd that the man at the center of the highest profile sexual harassment scandal since Bill Cosby would be brought on-board by a presidential campaign while that sexual harassment scandal was erupting,” she said. “That’s the part of it that’s odd, obviously. Of course, what’s expected about it is if there’s anybody who doesn’t care about that kind of a scandal, it’s probably Donald Trump.”

Watch above to see the analysis.

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