Maddow: Trump’s Speech Will Be ‘Well-Received,’ Though He Talked About Immigrants As ‘Vicious, Murdering Criminals’

Immediately following Donald Trump‘s joint address to Congress tonight, MSNBC’s Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow set to work analyzing it.

Williams recounted some highlights, including Trump’s recognition of the wife of slain Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens, Carryn Owens. Maddow pointed out that this speech was “typical” for a first-year address and is likely to be “well-received.”

“That’s in part — I think it’s fair to say — a product of expectations, that he’s not seen as somebody who necessarily gives a good formal speech. He’s more of a rollicking speech-goer rather than a formal-setting speech-goer,” she said. “I do think, though, that beyond that surface expectation, it will be a notable thing that the President spent a big portion of what was in effect a State of the Union trying to tell the country what vicious, murdering criminals immigrants are.”

Trump did announce during his speech a new Department of Homeland Security office specifically designed to serve victims of crimes committed by immigrants.

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