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Maher’s ‘New Rule’ Calls Out Hypocritical GOP Over Immigration Stance

Screen-Shot-2016-03-04-at-11.16.21-PMOne of the best parts of Real Time is when Bill Maher lays out his “new rule” for the evening.

Tonight, the New Rule was as follows:

You can’t spend the first half of a debate bitching about how immigrants are ruining the country and the second half on the uplifting stories of your immigrant parents.

He went on to point out how all of the candidates talk about their immigrant family members when they’re not talking about building walls.

“While Republicans generally do lack the empathy gene — that is, the ability to see other people suffer and make the complicated leap to ‘I wonder if that hurts?’ — there is an exception to this: They do often get on the humane side of an issue when it hits them right in their own home.”

Watch him lampoon Dick Cheney for coming around to gay marriage after his daughter came out and Jeb Bush for supporting Mexican immigrants because his wife is one and looking into drug reform only after his daughter went to rehab.

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