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Make America Grande Again: Starbucks CEO Floated as Potential 2016 Candidate

starbucks ceoThe lattest… er, latest rumor from the 2016 candidate mill is that the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, is being encouraged to run for president.

Yes, as if all the Joe Biden speculation wasn’t enough, Maureen Dowd made mention of Schultz as a potential contender in her New York Times column this past weekend.

She said that friends of his have encouraged Schultz to run because they’re “thinking the time is right for someone who’s not a political lifer.” Gee, that sounds familiar.

Dowd laid out why Schultz might consider it:

After coming up from the housing projects in Brooklyn, Schultz reimagined Starbucks and then revived it. He has strong opinions, and even position papers, about what he calls the fraying American dream. While he was promoting his book on veterans last year, he honed a message about making government work again and finding “authentic, truthful leadership.”

Now, there’s been no other word on whether Schultz is actually interested in a run for the presidency, but he could be bolstered by his liberal credentials, between his public stands on campaign donations, guns, and race in America.

And at the end of all this, if he does decide to get in, brace yourselves for Schultz 2016: A Jolt to the System. (Get it because coffee do you get it do you g––)

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