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Man Arrested for Assault After Daughter Posts Video to Snapchat

Teenagers and their stupid social networks. They’re always on their Instagrams and their Yakity Yiks (or whatever), sending naked selfies and inadvertently getting their dads arrested for misdemeanor assault.

43-year-old Steven Paula is probably grounding his daughter right now after she sent a Snapchat of her dad allegedly beating up Mason Deal, 18, after an traffic accident earlier this month. Deal was left with a black eye and concussion, and police were unable to find his attacker, until social media happened: a friend of Paula’s daughter forwarded a screenshot of the Snapchat to Deal’s father, who then sent it to the police.

In addition to the Snapchat, Paula was done in by the fact that he was clean-shaven upon his arrest, but sported a beard in the video — “a little bit convenient, especially during ‘No Shave November,” Deal told KDVR. (Millenials.)

Paula was charged with misdemeanor assault, due to the fact that Deal did not receive any permanent injuries.

Watch below, via KDVR (autoplay warning):

[h/t The Blaze]
[Image via screenshot]

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