Man Basically Dissolves After Falling Into Yellowstone Hot Spring…

hot-springeditedFollowing an incident where a 23-year-old man died after falling into a hot spring, Yellowstone Park officials are telling visitors to please obey all warning signs.

“Because (Yellowstone) is wild and it hasn’t been overly altered by people to make things a whole lot safer, it’s got dangers,” he said. “And a place like Yellowstone, which is set aside because of the incredible geothermal resources that are here, all the more so.”

Back in June, Colin Nathaniel Scott and his sister went to go look for a spot to “hot pot,” which is going into a hot spring to soak.

According to park officials, Scott went to check the temperature of one hot spring in an unauthorized area of the park when he slipped and fell in. Rescue workers were unable to retrieve Scott’s body due to a lighting storm. By the time they came the next day, there were no remains left, with the acidic water having dissolved the body.

The hot springs and geysers in the park are fed by underground thermal water that contains sulfuric acid.

Scott’s sister captured video of him falling into the hot spring with her cellphone. Understandably, that video will not be released to the public.

[image via screengrab]

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