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Man Dies After Watching Too Much World Cup

As if you needed another reason to hate the World Cup, besides its obvious socialism and the fact that everybody else calls it “futbol,” it has now claimed the life of a Chinese man whose only mistake was staying up to watch all of it.

The time difference between China and Brazil is eleven hours, so Chinese futbol soccer fans have to catch games in the middle of the night.

One particular fan stayed awake through the end of Netherland’s 5-1 victory over Spain, about 5 a.m. in his time zone, possibly not the first night he’d stayed awake. He was discovered sitting in front of his TV, having died of either sleep deprivation or a heart attack brought on by his constant wakefulness.

Per Eurosport, this is a recurring problem for China and the World Cup.

[h/t Eurosport]
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