Man Gets Drunk, Impersonates TSA Agent, Allegedly Gropes Women Using Disguise

A drunk man at the San Francisco International Airport somehow managed to convince two women that he was a security agent, and attempted to conduct pat-down examinations on them before getting caught by actual airport security agents.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the man, whose identity has not been revealed due to an ongoing federal investigation, randomly appeared at the security checkpoint in the international terminal, wearing a blue polo, khaki pants, and rubber gloves. The outfit was a near perfect match for the uniforms of Covenant Security, the firm contracted to conduct security screenings at SFO. (Seriously, wear the right clothes, and people will mistake you for any employee.)

He managed to pull one woman into a screening booth used for pat-down examinations, but the woman eventually left to board a flight. Airport screeners caught him after he attempted to pull a second woman into the booth, since “male screeners are prohibited from taking women into the booth for a pat-down without a female screener also being present.”

The mystery groper was booked for alleged public drunkenness, though those charges might escalate if the TSA tracks down the woman (or women) who he managed to pull into the booth. (It’s been a great week for the TSA.)

[San Francisco Chronicle]
[Image via Carolina K. Smith MD /]

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