Man Posts ‘No Negro’s Allowed’ Sign on Site of Soon-to-Open ‘Gentlemen’s Club’

WEAU News Wisconsin’s Mary Rinzel is reporting that Abbotsford, Wi, businessman Mark Prior has posted a sign at the future site of his “gentlemen’s club” that says “No Negro’s Allowed.”

Rinzel points out that the sign is not illegal, since the business is not open to the public yet, Prior vows, “I’m going to stick to my guns.”

Either way, Prior’s actions provide a test case for Rand Paul’s notion that Civil Rights provisions covering private businesses are unnecessary.

Here’s the report, from WEAU News.:

Sidenote: Here’s hoping Rinzel does a follow-up pieced on Prior’s ” previous plans to open a grocery store and his own sheriff’s department.”

Even if Prior takes the sign down when his club opens this Friday, the publicity surrounding it will surely carry over, and its failure or success will demonstrate whether there is a market for racist strip joints. If Paul is correct, the business will fail quickly, and other Abbotsford business owners will hang signs that say “No Dumb Shit’s Who Dont Know How to U’s Apostrophe’s Allowed.”

Such an experiment, of course, misses the entire point of Civil Rights legislation, which is that those rights, by their nature, ought not to be subject to popular will, unpopular whim, or even the invisible hand of the market.

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