Maria Bartiromo Confronts Paul Ryan on Budget Deal: ‘You Don’t Look Like’ a Deficit Hawk

Conservatives — true, fiscal conservatives — are not at all happy about the bipartisan budget deal which passed Congress last week. It’s legislation that Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) called “a debt junkie’s dream.” Conservatives, namely those in the Freedom Caucus, are livid with the amount of spending.

Tuesday on Mornings With Maria, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) visited the set to personally answer for the deal in a chat with Maria Bartiromo which was more confrontational than one might typically expect.

Ryan stood by the budget, saying that increased defense spending was a priority. Bartiromo pushed back.

“[P]eople are surprised at you,” Bartiromo told Ryan. “Because you’ve been this entitlement reform person and a deficit hawk for years.”

“And I still am,” Ryan said.

“You don’t look like it,” Bartiromo shot back.

The Fox Business anchor then rattled off a list of multi-billion dollar allocations which have nothing to do with defense. The House Speaker said these were necessary concessions in order to get the deal through Congress with bipartisan support.

“You have to give to get,” Ryan said. “So we had to do domestic spending that the Democrats wanted so we could get our defense spending. We got a lot of spending cuts we wanted that they didn’t want either. So yes, this was a bipartisan compromise. You don’t get everything you want”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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