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Maria Menounos Reveals She’s Been Sexually Abused

Extra co-host and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Maria Menounos spoke with Howard Stern on Monday, revealing that she’s been sexually abused during medical examinations in the past. The experience, she said, has led to her phobia of doctors.

Menounos recalled one incident during which she saw a doctor about throat issues, and was asked to undress and change into a hospital gown before the doctor began touching her genitals.

“I was really young, so I was so uncomfortable,” Menounos said. “[My boyfriend Kevin Undergaro] was in the waiting room and I literally started screaming … I was just so uncomfortable I didn’t know what to do.”

She declined to press charges. She further said he wasn’t the only such encounter she’s had, noting inappropriate gynecological exams with male doctors. Now, she said, she’s sure to have her boyfriend in the examination room with her whenever she has an appointment with male doctors.

(H/T Gossip Cop; NY Daily News)

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