Mark Cuban on Possibly Entering 2020 Presidential Race: I’ll ‘Probably’ Run as a Republican

During an in-depth feature-style interview on Fox News Objectified, billionaire Mark Cuban said — if he runs for president in 2020 — he will “probably” run on as a Republican.

In the interview, host Harvey Levin pressed Cuban on his political aspirations — eventually getting the entrepreneur to start a candidate-sounding monologue on issues that the American people face.

“We’re going into an era where people want someone who comes up with solutions. I think we’re going into a time where you need somebody who can connect to people and relate to people at a base level and appreciate what they’re going through — and I think I qualify on each of those,” said Cuban.

He prefaced the question of his possible presidential run by saying that it’s “a big decision” that he had not made yet. Later adding that on a scale from 1-to-10 the likelihood of his run is at a “four.”

“Considering, yes. Made a decision? Far from it,” said Cuban.

When asked about his party affilation, the Dallas Mavericks’ owner described himself as “fiercely independent.” But Levin managed to force Cuban off his non-partisan fence and admit that he would most likely run as a Republican.

“[I’ll] Probably [run as a] Republican… Because I think there’s a place for somebody who’s socially a centrist but I’m very fiscally conservative,” said Cuban.

He then spouted off several campaign-style talking points about political issues, such as the way technology is changing the job market and solutions to America’s health care woes. Additionally, he advocated for “making government smaller,” but not in the “old traditional Republican” manner.

As for his family’s thoughts on his potential run, Cuban said, “My kids love it, my wife hates it.”

Watch above via Fox News Channel.

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