Mark Cuban Says Trump Appointing Family Members Means He Can’t ‘Hire,’ ‘Manage,’ or, ‘Lead’

Today Mark Cuban participated in The View‘s “Guy Day Friday.”

He, of course, chatted about his possible political future and our current political reality. During a commercial break, he must have kept talking about it, because when the show came back, Joy Behar asked him to tell the audience what he’d just been telling her.

“When I see somebody in a business and almost everybody in senior management is a family member, that’s a real sign they don’t know how to hire, they don’t know how to manage, they don’t know how to lead,” he said, clearly referring to Donald Trump and his habit of keeping his family close to his personal affairs, even if it means they’re suddenly somehow involved in the government.

This is not the first time he’s observed poor leadership skills in the leader of the free world.

Cuban also called Ivanka Trump “brilliant” and “the boys” — Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump — “okay.” He was sure to mention they’re not the problem themselves so much as nepotism is the problem overall.

Behar compared the amount of Trump family members in leading roles to a dictatorship.

Watch above.

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