Mark Halperin Says the Press Will Make It Hard for Trump to Win Because They Won’t ‘Favor’ Him


During a Morning Joe segment in which Joe Scarborough continued his kabuki “feud” with real estate mogul-turned-presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, MJ regular and Supreme Leader of the DC Villager Media Mark Halperin made a rather stunning, if obvious, admission. In assessing the back-and-forth between Scarborough and Trump. Halperin observed that the only way a Republican can get elected is if the press puts a thumb on the scale for him/her:

I’ll tell you this. The only way a Republican can win for president, I believe, is if the press favors them in coverage, and he had a chance to have better press coverage than Hillary Clinton. He’s missing that chance. He’s alienating a lot of people.

Halperin’s observation is of little predictive value, because favorable or not, all the press has to do is continue to ignore the racial resentment that infuses every stratum of Donald Trump’s appeal while pushing their equally hostile narrative about Hillary Clinton, but it is very revealing. He isn’t saying that Trump is earning bad coverage by being objectively bad, or even that there’s some ideological bias at play, he’s saying that the press will undermine Donald Trump because they’re mad at him.

What he’s also saying, though, is that Republicans in general can’t win unless the press tips the scale in their favor, again, not by earning positive coverage through substantive means, but by making sure they don’t make the press angry. Halperin is asserting that he and the rest of the mainstream media completely disregard their duty to serve the public in favor of serving their own personal feelings. It’s an observation that won’t exactly shock a public that is already distrustful of the media, but it is a shock to hear him say it out loud, and casually.

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