Mark Levin Skewers GOP ‘Buffoons,’ ‘Cowards’ for Tepid Response to ‘Nuclear Option’

Yesterday’s nuclear fallout from Harry Reid pushing the big red button on the filibustering of non-Supreme Court nominees has left practically everyone on the right seething, but Mark Levin was particularly fired up by the GOP’s less-than-forceful response to the power grab. He asked, “Do the Republicans in the United States Senate have any self-respect whatsoever? Do they understand they look like a bunch of buffoons and cowards?”

He mocked Republicans for singing the same song about how “it’s a sad day” in the Senate instead of getting real with the Democrats about how significantly and quickly the tables will turn on them the second the GOP takes control of the Senate.

Levin said the Republicans should have warned Democrats that when they take power, they’ll go even further, strip the entire filibuster, and then go after Obamacare with a simple majority. But they didn’t do that, which is why Levin felt no reservations about calling Senate Republican leadership “losers” who are “perfectly comfortable with tyranny.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Mark Levin Show:

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