Mark Levin to Israel: ‘Tell Obama To Go To Hell’ And Be Done With Him

Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin is clearly a supporter of Israel, but on yesterday’s show, Levin passionately urged them to ignore American leaders and do whatever is necessary to protect themselves. Although many will find his loyalty to Israel commendable, others will likely question whether any foreign leader should be encouraged to tell an American president to go to hell.

Levin’s declaration to Israel:

“My advice to the Israelis? No more land, no more peace. . . . Be prepared for war at all times. . . . Tell Obama to go to hell, tell Hillary Clinton to get lost. And be done with them. And by the way, then they’ll respect you. I’m just telling you now, you’re going to get no support from this government and if you don’t protect yourselves, you won’t survive.”

Levin thinks “peace” in the region is impossible and didn’t hold back, telling Israel to “build as many damn settlements as you want.” Given that Israel doesn’t “report to Barack Obama and he’s not in charge of [their] housing industry,” Levin thinks it’s time for Israel to stop listening to America and prepare for war.

Listen to the clip below from The Mark Levin Show:

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