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Mark Levin Warns Of Law Enforcement Abuses: Some Cops Are ‘Punks’

On Friday, conservative radio host Mark Levin mused on the potential abuses of a high-tech computer system that supposedly captures images of every mail piece processed by the United States Postal Service, a method that was used to track down a suspect in the recent ricin case.

“I had no idea that was going on!” Levin said. “Am I missing something? I try to track the news, throughly and comprehensively, every single day, and I have forever. This is the first time I’ve heard this.”

“That was the only way they could have gotten her?” Levin asked aloud. “I suspect not. But if these methods are available? I’ll give you an example. Maybe some people will be offended by this, I don’t really care. You stop at a red light. Really depends on the jurisdiction. There are wonderful, wonderful cops out there, but there some punks out there, too. The cops I know, they’ll tell you there are some punks out there, too. You stop at a red light, they’re gonna type in your license tag, for no particular reason. They’re gonna type it in, pull you over, ask you some questions. It’s perfectly fine if there’s something there where somebody deserves to be harassed. But I want the law enforcement guys chasing the bad guys.”

Listen to the segment here, via The Mark Levin Show:

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