Martin Luther King Jr…. Trump Supporter?

An Instagram post from the group students4trump is predictably raising hell on social media for its… well, see for yourself:

Pretty self explanatory #StudentsForTrump #TrumpTrain #Trump #TrumpTeam #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016

A photo posted by Students For Trump (@students4trump) on

The photo, which has been online for almost a week, features a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. at the University of South Florida, wearing one of Donald Trump’s trademark baseball caps.

The comments have been predictably outraged, including one person, observing: “I doubt MLK and the KKK would be one same side.” (Trump initially hedged on whether or not he would disavow the support of the former KKK leader David Duke.)

This is the same Instagram account that posted this little gem:

Let's Make Prom Great Again! #MakePromGreatAgain #TeamTrump #StudentsForTrump #Trump2016

A photo posted by Students For Trump (@students4trump) on

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