Maryland P.R. Firm Seeks Your Vote For Congress

From today’s Washington Post: Murray Hill, a 5-year old public relations firm in Silver Spring, M.D., wants you to vote them into Congress. They have a Facebook campaign and are rallying on other social-networking websites. But not really. Murray Hill is trying to prove a point about lobbyists making the decisions for our elected officials.

How very “Yes Men,” what with exposing Big Business for “the best Democracy money can buy.” But then the article goes on to discuss how yes, this firm does plan on running, and all the obstacles it faces in getting elected. Like that time Colbert ran for President, right? Except that by taking on this campaign and all its subsequent press, Murray Hill is just showing how great of a viral advertiser it is. So, you know, the next time you’re an actual electoral candidate and need someone to run your campaign, hire Murray Hill!

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