Math Much? NYT Declares Bernie Sanders Win ‘Much Closer Contest’ Than Ted Cruz’s Narrower Victory

Whenever a media outlet makes a mistake that just so happens to fit the preferred media narrative, you will inevitably hear cries of “bias!” The venerable New York Times is open to such criticism over it’s stealth-corrected assertion that Bernie Sanders’ victory over Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary was a “much closer contest” than Ted Cruz’s victory over rivals Donald Trump and John Kasich. According to NewsDiffs, here’s how the article looked at 10:54 Tuesday night, and how it went to print:

Senator Ted Cruz soundly defeated Donald J. Trump in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, breathing new life into efforts to halt Mr. Trump’s divisive presidential candidacy and dealing a blow to his chances of clinching the Republican nomination before the party’s summer convention.

On the Democratic side, Senator Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in a much closer contest.

About 40 minutes later, the reference to Sanders’ victory was removed altogether, and currently contains no mention of the Democratic contest. It does, however, still carry a graphic featuring the margin for Cruz’s “sound defeat” of Trump, and for Sanders’ “much closer” victory over Hillary Clinton:


For those of you following along at home, that’s a 13.1% margin for Cruz, and a 13.5% margin for Sanders, which, according to a source with direct knowledge of number-things, is actually not “much closer,” and is in fact, slightly wider than Cruz’s sound margin of victory.

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