Mayor Bloomberg to Reporters: No More Press Conferences if All Questions are About Mayoral Race

Still-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg threatened to end all press conferences on Thursday if reporters didn’t stick to questions about city government rather than his thoughts about mayoral candidates.

“I’m not going to bother with the press conferences,” Bloomberg told reporters during a Q&A following an announcement about air quality. “There’s just no reason to do it.”

“I think it’s very important that we talk to the public and that we answer the press’ questions, but you just gotta restrict the questions to things that are germane to what our administration is doing,” he said. “You just got to stop making every press conference—all you want to do is ask about things you know I’m not going to say.”

Bloomberg’s record and governing style were much-discussed topics in the mayoral primaries, as some Democratic candidates vied to distance their platforms from his dozen years of policy. But the mayor said he hasn’t paid attention.

“I have not listened to one campaign speech, or seen one ad, or watched one debate,” Bloomberg said. “I don’t find it interesting.”

[h/t NYDN]

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