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McCain, Graham: Airstrikes Were Great, Now How About Some Ground Troops

We were just wondering where this pair was.

Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who’ve not let a microphone pass in the last eighteen months without calling for military operations in Syria (along with every other uncooperative regions), released a statement Tuesday morning praising last night’s airstrikes against ISIS and the Khorasan group in Syria, but hoping they were just scene one of a multi-act play.

“Last night’s airstrikes should be just an opening salvo against ISIS in Syria,” the pair wrote. “We and our partners will ultimately need a limited troop presence on the ground—not to invade and occupy Syria or Iraq, but to advise local forces, direct air strikes, gather intelligence, and conduct special forces operations.”

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The two also said that it would be impossible to fight ISIS in Syria first and save the Assad regime for later. (The U.S. is not coordinating with the Assad regime, but the two do share a common enemy in ISIS.) They called on Obama to use last night’s attack to leverage Assad into backing down and assisting the U.S. against ISIS.

“After last night’s operation, no one can question our military capability to enforce this threat with limited risk to our personnel,” the pair wrote. “The President must display the resolve that can make this threat credible.”

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