McCain: If I Had Won in 2000, We Might Not Have Invaded Iraq

Let’s play a game of alt-history: what if John McCain had been elected president in 2000? Would we have gone to Iraq? Well, believe it or not, McCain himself suggested we might not have. During a “Politics on Tap” event today, McCain said, “I think I would have been more reluctant to commit American troops.”

He did say he believed Colin Powell to be a trustworthy person back when he was producing evidence of WMDs, but said now, in retrospect, it’s clear that was “very flimsy” evidence.

McCain has earned quite a reputation for being a foreign policy hawk pushing for foreign intervention in other nations. In fact, last year Rachel Maddow brought up a hypothetical McCain presidency and asked, “How many wars do you think we would have been in in the last five years if John McCain had been elected in 2008 instead of Barack Obama?” The answer: well, as Maddow argued, quite a few.

You can watch the McCain video HERE.

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