Media Matters Dubs George Will ‘Misinformer of the Year’

Liberal media watchdog Media Matters has dubbed columnist and Fox News contributor George Will as its “misinformer of the year,” most strongly over his now-infamous column about sexual assault on college campuses.

And they believe that whereas Will is generally considered a more moderate and respected conservative thinker, this year he ended up “tarnishing the reputation as a public intellectual he had spent decades cultivating.”

Will rather infamously argued that progressive culture on college campuses has made being a victim of sexual assault a “coveted status” with privileges. This kicked off a pretty big controversy, with Democratic senators publicly scolding Will, a major newspaper dropping his syndicated column, and a college disinviting Will over the column.

Will reacted at the time by arguing progressive culture has abandoned due process on campuses by immediately believing rape claims without question.

Another example of Will misinforming this year was what Media Matters cited as a remarkable number of ethical lapses on his part and his climate change denial. Will himself acknowledged this year that he is “one of those who are called ‘deniers,'” and argued that any politician who argues that the debate over global warming is over says that because they’re losing the debate.

You can read the full Media Matters post here.

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