Media Outlets Hope to Unseal Trump’s 1990 Divorce Records to Verify Sexual Assault Accusations

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.49.54 AMOn the grounds of “cruel and inhuman treatment,” Donald Trump‘s ex-wife Ivana was granted a divorce from her real estate mogul husband in 1990, and now media outlets are pushing to have the records of that nasty split unsealed.

The sordid details of the public divorce have been closed, but on Thursday the New York Times and Gannett — the parent company of USA Todaypetitioned the New York Supreme Court to reveal information that could be pertinent to the 2016 Presidential race. Ivana Trump once accused her ex-husband of “rape,” though later clarified that is was not in the “criminal sense.”

Michael Cohen from the Trump campaign spurred headlines earlier this year when he said, “You cannot rape your spouse. And there’s very clear case law.”

The news organizations involved claimed that information contained in the records would “resolve an ongoing campaign controversy.” They allege that “marital infidelity” has become an issue on the 2016 campaign trail, with the Republican candidate invoking the sexual misconduct of former President Bill Clinton, the husband of Trump’s political opponent.

These records, according to the USA Today and Gannett, “have become directly relevant to the issues being debated in the hotly contested presidential campaign… It would be deeply incongruous to American democracy to bar the public from seeing the official court records pertaining directly to the credibility and character of a person they must soon decide whether to elect as their president.”

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