Mediaite Awards 2014: We Pick the Year’s Very BEST in Media

Welcome to the second annual Mediaite Awards!

As 2014 comes to a close, so goes another chapter of media history. Amid a sea of partisan bickering, petty feuds, and plain ol’ bad reporting, there are glimmering beacons of hope for the future.

In the past year, some cable shows eschewed the standard shoutfest fare; some pundits gave thorough analysis rather than toxic hot takes; some reporters attempted to cut through talking points to bring better coverage of key issues; and some people downright entertained us.

As a staff of writers with a very diverse set of political and cultural views, we submitted a survey to determine who would win each category. Some had no clear winners, others had multiple runners-up. One important note: Ratings or overall popularity were not a determining factor in our votes. We made our selections based on who we believed did important, smart, or entertaining work, Nielsen be damned.

So with that, sit back and bask in the glory that is “The Very Best in 2014 Media,” and then take our READER POLL afterwards. We’ll post the results next week.

Our selections for “WORST” will come tomorrow. Be afraid.

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