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Dan Abrams Explains That We’re Seeing a ‘Sea Change’ In Media Coverage

dan-abrams-sea-changeeditedMediaite founder Dan Abrams explained how the media coverage of this election has made a “sea change” towards Donald Trump.

During Mediaite’s live election coverage, Abrams pointed out at 8:55 PM ET that as the early election returns were coming in this evening, you’ve seen a very noticeable shift on how the networks have covered the presidential race.

“If you are watching the media coverage of this election,” Abrams stated. “You are feeling and seeing a sea change in the media coverage.”

“What felt like the potential for a Hillary Clinton blowout is now feeling like a very very close race,” Abrams explained. “Hillary Clinton has not been able to put away, according to network projections, some of the key states that she needed to win to make this an easy race.”

As of publication time, many of the election predictors like FiveThirtyEight and New York Times’ Upshot now show the race as a toss-up and Trump has now captured the swing state of Ohio.

Watch the clip above, via Mediaite’s livestram.

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