Annual Sexiest List

Mediaite Presents 50 Sexiest in News Media 2016

Another late December means it’s once again time for Mediaite to honor the Sexiest in News Media, our annual tradition of recognizing the people who show it’s possible to have really good looks and smarts in our industry. These selections from our editors represent top journalists in 2016; oh, and they’re all pretty damn fine on the eyes. This year we made an effort to include the sexiest in not only television but also some in digital media as part of this exclusive list of studs. Take a look, stare and enjoy Mediaite‘s official selections for Sexiest in News Media 2016.

  • Ainsley Earhardt

  • Richard Engel

  • Jedediah Bila

  • Bill Hemmer

  • Kayna Whitworth

  • Jon Fortt

  • Megyn Kelly

  • Jo Ling Kent

  • Harry Enten

  • Rachel Crane

  • Tamron Hall

  • Gio Benitez

  • Betty Liu

  • Josh Barro

  • Eva Pilgrim

  • Adrienne Bankert

  • Thomas Roberts

  • Lara Spencer

  • Michael Strahan

  • David Muir

  • Alex Wagner

  • Ari Melber

  • Harris Faulkner

  • Hallie Jackson

  • Kennedy

  • Kayla Tausche

  • Phil Keating

  • Hasan Minhaj

  • Carl Quintanilla

  • Kimberly Guilfoyle

  • Reena Ninan

  • Kat Timpf

  • Van Jones

  • Michelle Kosinski

  • Jeremy Diamond

  • Kate Bolduan

  • Jacob Soboroff

  • Ana Kasparian

  • Dana Loesch

  • Richard Lui

  • Liz Plank

  • Angela Rye

  • T.J. Holmes

  • Pamela Brown

  • Sopan Deb

  • Brooke Baldwin

  • Craig Melvin

  • Kirsten Powers

  • Carley Shimkus

  • Morgan Radford

  • This bombshell with an amazing smile is more than just eye candy, working as a correspondent for years before finally getting the opportunity to sit on Fox & Friends famed curvy couch every weekday morning.

  • NBC's dashing chief foreign correspondent has been around the globe and back -- which lends him an air of mystery that we can't get enough of, and also gives his reporting the gravitas that made him the man we turned to when we wanted the world's take on the election of Donald Trump.

  • While Jedediah Bila has been enjoying her new home on ABC, we’ve been enjoying watching this former Fox News contributor daily on The View. The gorgeous Bila is as sharp as she is stunning, providing influential commentary at every step of 2016.

  • This ageless hunk has been making hearts melt at Fox News for more than a decade now and is currently co-anchoring America’s Newsroom every weekday morning.

  • ABC's Kayna Whitworth is making her second consecutive appearance on the Mediaite 'Sexiest' list, and deservedly so. The ABC News reporter and GMA reporter is stunning and a huge contributor to her network.

  • This tech and business pro for CNBC is a major hottie, and his chiseled good looks go along perfectly with his expertise. The Squawk Alley co-anchor also has his own podcast and proves that good looks aren't everything but DAMN they sure are a lot!

  • In addition to having one of the most influential years in news media, there's no denying that Megyn Kelly is as sexy as they get on television. The 'Settle For More' author skyrocketed in popularity in 2016, moderating debates and proving to be a crucial voice to election coverage for Fox News.

  • NBC News' Jo Ling Kent is one of the most beautiful -- and quite possibly underrated -- correspondents working in news media today. The cutie Kent packs some serious smarts, serving as a a contributor to the Nightly News, TODAY Show, and is occasionally seen on MSNBC.

  • FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten is known to be the “whiz kid” of his metrics-driven data site, but he’s also a handsome contributor to the political media dialogue. At only 28, Enten is already a towering figure in the biz, but don’t mistake his brains for an absence of good looks either.

  • ​Rachel Crane ​covers tech, space, and breaking news for CNN. But what we like most about her is her sparkling on-air presence, and her ability to keep it real with the viewers.

  • Even among a list of the sexiest in news media, this Today Show anchor stands apart as a true knockout, as she held down the 9:00 a.m. hour with aplomb in 2016 -- becoming one of morning television's brightest stars.

  • Surprise, surprise: ABC’s Gio Benitez makes Mediate’s ‘Sexiest’ list again. And why shouldn’t he? This hunk continues to be among the most gorgeous in the news media business, and his smouldering Instagram page is a great compliment to his work for GMA, ABC World News, 2020, and Nightline.

  • Bloomberg Television’s Betty Liu is not only one of the network’s most beautiful news anchors, she is undoubtedly one of its sharpest as well. Liu is also an accomplished author, the founder and CEO of Radiate, and somehow still finds time to keep her looking her best day in and day out.

  • Chances are you’ve spotted this Business Insider Senior Editor contributing to MSNBC, and he’d be tough not to notice: equal parts handsome and smart. Barro is also the host of KCRW’s Left, Right, & Center and the Hard Pass Podcast.

  • ABC News’ Eva Pilgrim fancies herself — according to her own Instagram — as a “political junkie, sports fan, [and] fitness hopeful,” and for us at Mediaite she’s been impossible not to notice. She’s been serving as a correspondent and is a well deserved choice for our list in 2016.

  • In addition to being one of the most beautiful people at ABC News, Adrienne Bankert is also one of the biggest rising stars at the network. She has been serving as a correspondent, covering some of the year’s most important stories.

  • The Emmy-Award winning journalist quickly climbed the ranks of MSNBC, and is a frequent fill in on NBC Nightly News. And, clearly, he's not only known for his meticulous reporting, but his adorable smile, and shining on-air charisma.

  • The impeccably beautiful Lara Spencer may have been sidelined a bit in 2016 as a result of a hip surgery, but lucky for us she was back in the GMA anchor chair in no time. The avid tennis player looks as good as ever is a huge piece of ABC’s success.

  • This handsome NFL Hall of Famer is proving that he might just be as good at television as he was at tracking down opposing quarterbacks. Strahan made the jump from ABC’s LIVE to GMA this year, coanchoring the mornings and proving he is one of the busiest and hardest-working studs on TV. It also helps when it looks like he still has his football muscles, too!

  • If there is somebody in the industry who embodies the Venn Diagram of ‘looks’ and ‘brains,' ABC’s David Muir is right in there. Aside from moderating key debates this year, this tall drink of water toured Cuba exclusively with President Obama as the administration worked to normalize relations there for the first time in decades.

  • Alex Wagner seems to be a regular on this annual list of ours, and rightfully so: the only thing to eclipse her beauty is her hard-hitting journalism. Wagner’s post-MSNBC career brought her to The Atlantic and on your televisions compliments of CBS News where she is a correspondent and anchor.

  • With his dark eyes, and handsome complexion, we find it impossible to look away from Ari as he breaks down the day's top legal stories on MSNBC. He always keeps things interesting whether it's invoking Jay Z lyrics to explain complicated legal concepts, or by pulling out graphs and charts.

  • In 2016, we could always reliably count on Harris Faulkner to anchor the noon panel show Outnumbered with grace and smarts that exceeded even her beauty. Faulkner is an old vet of the Mediaite ‘Sexiest’ list, a selection that few could ever argue with.

  • Host of her own Fox Business primetime program and regularly appearing on Fox News’ Outnumbered, this bespectacled knockout has come a long way since debuting as an MTV VJ more than two decades ago.

  • This CNBC darling is a recurring feature of Squawk Alley and despite her young age, she is no stranger to the big leagues of news journalism. Tausche is a major cutie, and in 2016 she covered the latest in tech, finance, and managed a stop at Cannes in France.

  • With his perfect mane of hair and boyish good looks, Fox News’ Miami correspondent is always a sight for sore eyes whenever the network throws it to him for a report.

  • The heartthrob correspondent of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah proved over and over again in 2016 that he's much more than a gorgeous face, delivering some of the most important segments on Islam in Trump's America and memorably -- and powerfully -- addressing members of Congress on the need for increased gun control.

  • On his daily broadcast Squawk on the Street, this CNBC anchor brought some sex appeal to a place where it is in very short supply -- the New York Stock Exchange -- and he also brought an extensive background of financial and political reporting, making him a highly sought after commodity in 2016.

  • The Fox News host has been turning heads for a while now on The Five, regularly mixing it up with the other panelists over the day’s biggest political stories while flashing a devilish smile.

  • Reena Ninan enjoyed a long and successful career in television before she found her way to CBS News. Aside from her impressive resume, this former Fox News correspondent is an obvious choice for our list this year, demonstrating that rare blend of beauty and talent.

  • This heartbreaker is more than just another pretty face. The sharp-witted commentator is one of the hardest-working women in the industry, dividing her time between penning columns for National Review, popping up on Fox News and hosting her own program at Barstool Sports.

  • CNN’s Van Jones is lucky to have articulate thoughts in his brain and a great smile on his face, which is why even pundits who disagree with his left-leaning opinions can’t help but be affable with him on-air and off.

  • This CNN reporter has great hair, fun outfits, and perfect timing when it comes to asking questions, which range from serious to funny, making her the total package.

  • With his winning smile and, well, equally winning beard, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond is a real hidden gem of cable news who is as dashing as his work is hard-hitting.

  • CNN’s Kate Bolduan is a strong enough anchor to handle a demanding morning show, but the early hour has never stopped her from looking great, awake, and put-together, even on the infamous broadcast when she got emotional telling the story of a Syrian child who survived a bombing.

  • "(A) hipper, latter-day Charles Kuralt," is how Variety describes this MSNBC correspondent, whose undeniable charm and dogged persistence has coaxed some revealing answers from reluctant subjects -- including South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who admitted she was voting for Donald Trump because of Soboroff's relentless questioning.

  • As one of the top hosts for The Young Turks, Ana Kasparian has some major responsibility on her shoulders, but the face above them is beautiful and expressive, too, which is great because when combined with her sharp wit and penchant for knowing when to really sell a point, it all makes her unstoppable.

  • This conservative host has fiery words for Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, but her looks are smoking, too, which makes her broadcasts a real one-two punch sure to draw in political consumers oftentimes on both sides of the aisle.

  • This anchor brought a cool delivery, a dash of style, and a touch of class to the MSNBC lineup in 2016 -- and his substantive broadcasts helped him stand out amongst the network's weekend fare.

  • Plank is on double-duty for Mediaite year-end lists in 2016; she was also included on our Most Influential in News Media group for her outstanding work at Vox. This Canadian-born correspondent’s videos are the stuff of viral righteousness, and as we think you would agree, a deserving spot on this list.

  • The list of Angela Rye's accomplishments goes on for several pages. She is the CEO and Principal at her own political advocacy firm, IMPACT Strategies. However, let's be real, it's her gorgeous looks, authentic, and concise on-air critique that has earned a spot on this year's most sexiest.

  • TJ Holmes is easily one of the most identifiable contributors to the ABC News landscape, and he has earned himself a spot on our annual ‘Sexiest’ list with good reason. This hunky father, frequently seen on Good Morning America, is one of the best looking dudes on television news.

  • This CNN correspondent is multifaceted in that she is strikingly beautiful, yes, but her face can easily become stern or even incredulous, depending on what sort of answers she’s getting to her questions -- and believe us, she’s gotten some surprising responses from guests.

  • Don’t let the excellent reporting on the Trump campaign trail fool you; CBS’s Sopan Deb — who will soon be joining the ranks of The New York Times — may very well be one of the most handsome journalists who covered the 2016 race. The striking reporter was even arrested while covering a Trump event earlier this year.

  • The CNN anchor stand-out is one of our favorite personalities to watch on-air. She's gorgeous and smart. And she seems just as cool and relaxed interviewing high profile world leaders as men and women on the street.

  • Do we need to explain why this smart MSNBC anchor/reporter made our list? But ladies, don't get too excited. Melvin is already taken by the beautiful SportsCenter Anchor Lindsay Czarniak. The couple just welcomed their second child, a daughter, last month.

  • When it comes to political punditry, this former Clinton administration staffer knows how to bring the sparkle both on-air and off. Her smart insight, and excellent on-air delivery earned her a position as CNN commentator for 2016 Election, and her presence on this year's sexiest list is no surprise.

  • This alluring Fox News reporter with a charming and winsome personality is always a welcome sight whenever she makes an appearance on Fox & Friends to deliver the day’s headlines.

  • "Southern charm. City spunk," reads the bio on this NBC Correspondent's Instagram page, and it's a combination that proved to be a hit with viewers throughout 2016 as this 29-year-old rising star made an impact with her reporting on, among other subjects, the West Virginia heroin epidemic.

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