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Mediaite’s Rothman Tackles Bashir Resignation and Matthew’s Lack of ‘Self-Awareness’

Mediaite’s Noah Rothman joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV Wednesday to react to the surprise news of Martin Bashir stepping down from MSNBC. Except, for Rothman, it really wasn’t all that surprising. He said that this should have been expected when Bashir’s “vacation” carried over into week two.

But while Rothman said this appears to be a positive sign for MSNBC cracking down on some of the more “reprehensible” rhetoric on their network, he did express sympathy for Bashir’s production team, now stuck in the fallout of his resignation.

Rothman also took on President Obama‘s interview with Chris Matthews, a surprise he described as desperate in his Mediaite column on the subject. Rothman laughed that Matthews appears to lack any kind of “self-awareness” in his preview of the interview.

Rothman and Malzberg also tackled the rebranding going on at CNN, with Rothman noting Jeff Zucker appears to be overlooking the ratings-grabber The Lead, a solid news show hosted by Jake Tapper, while Malzberg was amazed to hear there will actually be a conservative power hour of sorts on CNN this week.

Watch the video below, via Newsmax TV:

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