Meet The Amazonian Guard – Gaddafi’s All-Female Security Force

Controversial Libyan leader Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi is a man with precise, if peculiar, tastes. Case in point: His notorious “Amazonian Guard,” an elite force of female bodyguards.

Choosing the members of the Amazonian guard is a little more involved than simply placing a mildly coherent Craigslist ad. For one, every member must, allegedly, be a virgin hand-picked by Gaddafi, and must then undergo extensive martial arts and firearms training at a special academy before becoming official members of the force.

The bodyguards dress in military-inspired garb, wearing either khaki jumpsuits or fatigues with red berets… as well as make-up, polished nails and jewelry, even when on the job.

Rumors persist that Gaddafi demands “sexual favors” of his guards, but other rumors contend that they must remain chaste throughout their years of service.

According to Gaddafi, the job works to “empower” women, rather than merely exist as the whim of a megalomaniacal despot. “Women should be trained for combat,” he believes, “so that they do not become easy prey for their enemies.”

You can see his various bodyguards in this video from Russian TV:

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