Meet the People Keeping Obscenities Off of Your Internet in The Moderators

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Facebook has lots of policies that keep the content posted there clean. It’s not often, though, that you think about the people who actually clean up the Internet. These are the people who look at pornographic, violent, and otherwise obscene images so you don’t have to. The Moderators, a new documentary short made by Adrian Chen and Ciaran Cassidy provides a glimpse into that world.

The short, which WIRED is premiering online, documents one week of training at a company in India where new employees are learning what’s okay and what’s not okay to see online. Clients of theirs include Facebook and some dating websites. Some of the things they have to look at — and they have to look at 2,000 images an hour — are pretty awful. Throughout the week, the employees learn to filter out nudity and violence, including child pornography and graphic child abuse.

If you have 20 minutes, it’s definitely worth a watch. Head over to WIRED to see it.

[featured image via screen grab]

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