Meghan McCain to GOP: ‘We’ve Had Plenty of Time’ to Defeat Trump and Now It’s Too Late


The relationship between members of the GOP and Donald Trump has been undeniably rocky, though some are not as vocal about their disdain for the presumed presidential nominee as others have been. Two of the more outspoken anti-Trump conservatives are Meghan McCain and Mitt Romney, but the former has completely dismissed the idea of the latter mounting a third-party run for the highest office in the nation.

For all of the annoyance she has over Trump and his likely nomination, McCain is being pragmatic.

While there have been whispers throughout the party of contested conventions and third-party runs for months, McCain told Neil Cavuto today on Fox Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast that “all this is too little, too late.”

She pointed out that it would cost too much to get on any ballots, that too many delegates have already been won by other candidates, and that the party had ample time prior to this to come up with a strategy for beating Trump.

Cavuto, on the other hand, seemed intrigued by the idea that a third-party runner could prevent anyone from reaching the required number of delegates, thus throwing the election decision to the House, which currently has a Republican majority.

Watch above to see McCain and Cavuto go back and forth about whether she (and Paul Ryan) will eventually come around to supporting Trump, which they are expected to do.

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