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Megyn Kelly And Monica Crowley On Potential Hillary 2012 Run: ‘Is She Trying To Extricate Herself?’

Speculation that Hillary Clinton may make a run for President in 2012 is a meme that just won’t die. And while President Obama‘s poll numbers and popularity continue their downward spiral one imagine the media will continue to invoke the specter of Candidate Hillary.

Behold today’s addition to the speculation. Following Hillary’s address to the Council on Foreign Relations earlier today during which she said the current US deficit sends “a message of weakness internationally” and that it “poses a national security threat in two ways: it undermines our capacity to act in our own interest, and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesirable.” Megyn Kelly and Monica Crowley felt that this sounded presidential. Or at least a tad combative. The two being much the same thing these days.

Crowley points out that the economy is one of the few instances in which Hillary distances herself from the administration and that these sorts of remarks might be part of a larger plan to “extricate herself” from it: “Maybe she’s laying the groundwork of saying look I cannot in good conscious continue to serve an administration that is undermining us not just abroad but at home too with this kind of out of control spending.” All without the help of a Facebook page! Watch below.

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