Megyn Kelly on Leaving Fox News: After Trump Attacks, ‘I Did Not Want to Live Like This’


Megyn Kelly joined Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday to promote her upcoming morning show, and of course, they discussed the former Fox News anchor’s rocky relationship with President Trump.

When the two discussed why Kelly decided to leave Fox News, she said she wasn’t happy inside the “snake pit” of politically-driven cable news primetime TV. As Kelly spoke about how she used to ponder the course of her career, she said that Trump “has a way of clarifying one’s life choices.”

Kelly became one of Trump’s most frequent punching bags during the 2016 election after she asked him a tough question on his objectionable past comments about women during a political debate. Kelly withstood Trump’s insults and angry tweeting for several months, and Degeneres asked her today if those attacks led Kelly to make a change.

“It wasn’t just the tweets,” Kelly said, “but you know, the country’s so divided right now, and it’s so political.”

Kelly continued to say that when Trump tried (and failed) to start a boycott against her, “it was just a clarification and an affirmation that I did not want to live like this.” From there, DeGeneres asked her about the people who thought Trump might evolve or behave in a more presidential manner once he was sworn into office.

“My reaction was, when he started tweeting and people were sort of horrified and shocked, weren’t you paying attention?” Kelly said. “We knew he was going to behave this way, however at the beginning of his presidency, I said lets keep an open mind at least. Let’s root for him to listen to his better angels.”

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