Melania Trump Rails Against ‘Cowardly Actions’ of NY Times Op-Ed Author: ‘You Are Sabotaging’ the Country


Melania Trump, often quiet when it comes to controversial political topics, spoke out about the recent op-ed by an anonymous Trump White House official published by The New York Times.

CNN’s Kate Bennett asked FLOTUS how she felt about the op-ed, which is making headlines nationally, and she was hardly complimentary of its author.

“Freedom of speech is an important pillar of our nation’s founding principles and a free press is important to our democracy,” the First Lady said, breaking with her husband in her reaffirmation, rather than criticism, of one of our country’s most defining and necessary characteristics.

However, she lamented that the author of the op-ed would not stand by their words if they leveled such grievous accusations against the president.

“If a person is bold enough to accuse people of negative actions,” she explained, “they have a responsibility to publicly stand by their words and people have the right to be able to defend themselves.”

She then directly addressed the author of the op-ed, saying: “You are not protecting this country, you are sabotaging it with your cowardly actions.”

The Trump White House is allegedly in chaos searching for the op-ed’s author.

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