Melissa Francis Hits GOP For Not Including Dems on Russia Trip: ‘Nonsense’ to Say Election Meddling Won’t Happen Again

As the upcoming Donald TrumpVladimir Putin summit draws near, Fox News host Melissa Francis is reminding people it’s essential for the president to challenge Russia for their interference in American politics.

The subject came up on Outnumbered today, when the panel talked about how Trump not only wants to meet with Putin one-on-one, and the indications that no Democrats were invited to the meeting in Finland. Francis said a bipartisan team on the trip would’ve been best, and she said that the idea of Russia dropping their foreign election-meddling tactics on their own “will never happen.”

“It’s right at the top of Russia’s playbook. We have to be vocal about it, on guard about it,” said Francis. “The idea that it’s not going to happen again is just nonsense.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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