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WATCH: Member of Jordan’s Parliament Pulls Gun On Opponent On Live TV

Debates on American cable news channels can be heated, but luckily, they only ever escalate into shouting matches and eye rolls. That wasn’t the case in Jordan Friday when a member of parliament threw his shoe at a man he was arguing with before pulling out a gun on live television.

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The member of parliament, Mohammed Shawabka, was discussing Jordanian politics and a recent uprising in Syria with Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad, a political activist, according to The Times of Israel. The men began accusing each other of criminal behavior before Shawabka removed his shoe and threw it toward the activist, a huge insult in Arabic culture. Sayf al-Din Murad blocked the shoe, tipping over his desk. Shawabka then pulled out the gun.

The host tried to put an end to the argument and stood between the men. The sound was cut off, but the argument continued for about thirty seconds before the program cut to credits. Hopefully, the two settled their disagreements peacefully.

Say what you want about television news in America, but it could always be worse, right?

Watch below:

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