Memorabilia From Donald Trump’s Pizza Hut Commercial is Now For Sale


There’s probably never a bad time to watch the Donald Trump “Crust First” Pizza Hut commercial from 1995, but today there’s a real reason. Page Six has reported that the storyboard for the commercial, known as the “Pizza Slut Commercial” is now on sale for a cool $15,000.

The storyboard was given to Moments in Time, the site selling it by the creator of the commercial and has been signed by both Donald and his ex wife Ivana Trump.

The commercial was for Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza. In the commercial, he and Ivana, who had gone through a divorce a few years prior, trade what sounds like sexual innuendos back and forth, before you realize that what sounds so “wrong” is actually eating pizza, crust first. Donald then proceeds to eat the pizza crust first which is an image that will probably never leave our minds. At the end of the video, Ivana tries to take the last slice. The now President says, “You are only entitled to half.”

[image via screen grab]

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