Merton The Chatroulette Guy Is Back For Video #2, Still May Be Ben Folds

The Internet still can’t get over Chatroulette – that semi-anonymous video-chatting service that allows you to connect to strangers all over the world and (more often than not) see their genitalia – despite the fact that we’ve seem to have hit a wall in terms of interesting things to do with the service. Much like Google Buzz, it seemed to be a flash-in-the-pan phenomenon that people would take a novelty interest in, and then forget about. But then Merton showed up.

Merton may or may not be singer/songwriter Ben Folds. He is a guy in a hoodie that if you manage to connect to, will sing you a little improvised song on his piano, sounding a lot like Ben Folds. Ben Folds recently did a concert and performed an “Ode to Merton” where he and his audience connected to Chatroulette and basically did the same thing. But Merton claims he’s not Ben Folds, and vice-versa. Despite YouTube pulling down all of Merton’s content last week, he’s back with two new videos. They’re edited for all the boring stuff/NSFW stuff, so it’s about 100 times more interesting than going on ChatRoulette yourself. Here’s his latest, decide for yourself whether or not he’s Ben Folds alter-ego:

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