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Michael Moore Writes Open Letter to Ivanka: Seriously, Your Dad Needs an ‘Intervention’

michael-moore_10.28.11-316x237Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore wrote a piece on Thursday morning saying Donald Trump has undoubtedly gone off the deep end and there’s only one person who can make sure he gets the help he needs.

Even though Moore has predicted Trump will become the next president, he has shown considerable displeasure with the mogul even before his disdain for Trump’s insinuation about how “Second Amendment people” could put a stop to Hillary Clinton. As such, Moore sent a letter to Ivanka Trump on AlterNet, asking her to recognize that her father’s incendiary rhetoric requires something more than a politicalintervention.”

The Trump heiress is frequently viewed as one of the mogul’s most temperate supporters, and she has said in the past that her father holds her opinions in particular esteem. Moore laid out what he thinks the Trump daughter ought to say, promising “history will praise [her]” if she tells her father that suggesting Clinton be assassinated is going too far.

“Although I don’t know you personally, you seem to be a very smart and together woman. I think he will listen to you,” Moore said. “[Clinton’s] life is now in worse danger than it already was—and should anything happen, that will not only be on his head but also on those closest to him if they stand by and do nothing.”

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