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Michael Reagan Invents “First Conservative Email Service Provider” –

Ronald Reagan‘s eldest son, talk show host Michael Reagan, unveiled a brand new website this week: “The Reagan Report.”

The Reagan Report has a handful of articles on healthcare or border protection, but the crux of the site (worthy of a flashing button on the masthead) seems to be getting you to sign up for your very own “conservative email address.”

In a video, Reagan explains that the majority of political donations from Google, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and Apple go to “supporting the Obama, Pelosi and Reid liberal agenda” and the only way to fight this is by dropping $39.95 a year to have “”.  Sure, a vanity email address from costs half that, but that wouldn’t have the domain name — which is the most important part of this, presumably.

However, buyer beware!  If Mike Reagan’s twitter account is any indication, the system does not come with grammar-check or irony-check:

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