Michael Savage Predicts He Will Replace Hannity at Cumulus, Limbaugh Likely to Stay

Conservative radio host Michael Savage teased a “major announcement” on his website earlier today, and tonight, he delivered. Savage predicted that he will be replacing Sean Hannity’s time slot on Cumulus Media’s network of stations. While Hannity’s fate appeared to be tied to that of Rush Limbaugh in the initial reports on the Cumulus move, Mediaite has learned from a talk radio source Limbaugh is likely to stay. Mediaite has also learned from multiple talk radio sources that Savage’s prediction will likely be confirmed soon.

“I predict, right here, right now, that I Michael Savage and the Savage Nation is going to take over The Sean Hannity Show time slot by the end of the year,” Savage said. “He’s probably a nice guy, but his time is come and his time has gone,” he continued, and “I am the heir apparent to afternoon drive on the east coast and around America on Cumulus stations, which have the most powerful stations in the radio world.”

If Hannity’s strong right-wing views were the impetus for Cumulus’ decision to potentially let him go, they would not be getting anything less conservative in Savage. The host has a long history of causing controversy with his remarks, dating back at least 10 years to the comments that caused MSNBC to fire him. Since then, he has blamed Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ epilepsy medicine for his health care ruling, mocked Fox News’ “empty skirts” and “lipsticks with legs” and labeled President Obama the “first Muslim president.”

Savage also has a history of animosity with the man he says he’s replacing. He recently called Hannity a “fake conservative” and one of the “most shallow men in the America media.”

His show, Savage Nation, currently airs from 9pm-midnight ET across the Cumulus talk radio network. According to Savage’s prediction, he could take over Hannity’s 3-6pm ET slot by the end of this year.

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